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WAW, proud partner of School of Racing!

March 3, 2022 / 3 Comments / 920 / Track Days, Track Driving Skills

After a very successful and fruitful year with Curbstone Track Events in 2021, we are continuing our cooperation in 2022 as well. We are even more excited to announce that Wheels after Work will be the proud partner of School of Racing, the new RACB initiative supported by Curbstone Events and Sam Dejonghe, as their supplier of track cars. Our timeless track cars will be used for both the initiation & the advanced programs of School of Racing and will support both beginners and more advanced pilots in their trajectory during several dates.

This is a nice reward for the hard work of our team in 2021 and once again confirms our position and value on the market among already established players. We are looking forward to this collaboration and would like to specifically thank Ludovic, Fréderic and Sarah for their trust. In 2022, we will be shifting up another gear in order to provide not only our own clients, but also our partners, with the necessary adrenaline and pure fun on the track to introduce even more people to the wonderful world of racing!

Discover everything that School of Racing has to offer!

WaW, a Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp!

August 23, 2021 / 15 Comments / 1301 / Track Days

Wheels after Work is proud to announce its collaboration with Curbstone Track events…

Sounds great, but what’s a Bootcamp?

Every driver knows that track experience on a certain track doesn’t translate to any other one. This year Wheels after Works chose to not only let customers leave behind their tire tracks on trusted tracks, but also to get everyone racing on Belgium’s biggest and most iconic racing track. Together with our partner Curbstone, Wheels after Work is organising the very first Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp. From petrolheads who are just starting out and wanting to discover this track, to experienced drivers who want to master every corner and improve their lap times, our bootcamp will get you ready!

What’s included?

Every programme contains at least one Apex training at Spa-Francorchamps in a unique and iconic BMW WTCC track car. These training sessions (on the 21st of september and the 5th of november) take place at nightfall and therefore offer a unique and exclusive experience guided by the elite of professional race driving. You will discover Spa-Francorchamps up close as you’ll take time to stand still at the most crucial and iconic corners of this track. This happens (how else?) “after work” so the necessary drinks and social opportunity are included as well.

Download our Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp Brochure

Who is Curbstone?

Curbstone is one of the most well known and respected track day and event organisers in the country. They offer exclusive programmes for all drivers on the road as well as on world-renowned race circuits in Europe. They provide the ultimate track driving opportunities for experienced supercar owners, as well as testing facilities for every race car driver.

Who is Wheels after Work?

Wheels after Work offers affordable track cars without any compromises. They aim to build affordable track cars to make racing accessible to a broader group of petrol heads while having an iconic design, low maintenace costs & optimal safety.

Race Track Car: how to build your own?

December 28, 2020 / 8 Comments / 2448 / Track Cars, Track Days
Race Track Car - how to build your own

When building a proper race track car, you need to take into account different characteristics. Moreover, this depends on your budget, preferences and objectives.

For instance, at Wheels after Work we apply the DMS principle when building a Race Track Car: finding a good balance between Design, Maintenance costs and Safety.

Design: what makes our heart beat faster?

  • Wide Body Kit
    Making a car wider immediately changes the appearance of the car. Therefore, have a look on the internet for a wide body kit for your track car to see what’s available on the market.

  • Lower Suspension
    Track cars need a lower center of gravity to improve handling. Never the less, lowering a car also enhances the way it looks.

  • Motorsport Wheels
    Lightweight wheels for track usage can make or break your car in terms of design. In other words, take your time to search for the ideal wheels to make a real head turner.

  • Sportive Livery
    Look for a sticker set or livery kit to make your track car look more sportive. For instance, track cars often have logo’s of their sponsors on the car or the parts they are using.

  • Exhaust Noise
    Admit it, nothing beats a growling exhaust noise. In other words, think about exhaust modifications but take into account the decibel track limits in your country.

Maintenance costs: how to keep your race track car affordable?

  • Stock Engine
    We all want to go fast, but tuning your engine also requires higher maintenance costs and will put your factory engine to the test. Keeping your standard engine setup will increase the lifetime of your race track car and limit unexpected costs.

  • Additional Cooling Features
    Face it, your Race Track Car will not be driven the same way as you would on a public road. The track car will be taken to its mechanical limits. Therefore, additional cooling features such as air vents are a good way to keep your car’s temperature under control.

  • Wrap instead of Paint
    You have to face reality, there will be a moment in the future where you will encounter some damage. Never the less, it is important that you can repair the car at the lowest cost. Using a wrap to design your car instead of a paint job is much cheaper in repair.

Safety: what is needed for optimal safety?

  • Roll Cage
    One of the most important safety features is an FIA approved roll cage. The roll cage protects you in case of an accident and also improves the car’s handling. Make sure to have the roll cage installed by a professional.

  • Bucket Seats with head protection
    Finding a bucket seat is easy, but don’t be cheap in this area. Look for a bucket seat with enough head protection to ensure an increased safety level. Your helmet will bring a first level of protection but having a second layer of safety is always a good idea.

  • Racing Harness
    After finding your bucket seat, make sure to invest in a proper Racing Harness. Racing Harnesses are an important part of your car due to the high velocities involved in the sport. They make sure you are strapped in firmly and in case of an accident protect your body from injuries.

  • Brake upgrade
    Last but not least, upgrading your brakes is a crucial safety feature. Whilst racing on track, the temperature of the brakes will drastically increase and factory equipment will not do the job properly. Invest in steel brake lines, dot 5.1 brake fluid and racing brake pads that can handle these extreme circumstances.

Inspiration: Building your own Race Track Car

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