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BMW 320si WTCC

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The BMW 320si is a 1 of 2600 limited edition model, a natural born classic with a spectacular WTCC body kit making it one of the most affordable special track models money can buy.

BMW’s project “320si” was born in order to meet the requirements of the WTCC and Super 2000 regulations. To do so, the Germans built 2,600 units between late 2005 and mid-2006, which included 500 RHD models. The car was intended for the European market solely, but in recent years, we have seen some of these rarities enter the Japanese market as imports from the UK.

Some say that the core of the car was its engine (N45B20S), which was hand-built especially for this model in Hams Hall, alongside the racing units. This is half the story. Actually, the engine was one of the highlights.

It produces a maximum output of 170hp (173PS) at 7,000 rpm and 210Nm (155 lb·ft) at 4,250 rpm. Paired to a six-speed manual, it allowed for a top speed of 225 km/h or 140 mph and acceleration to 100 km/h (62mph) in 8.1 seconds. That’s versus the regular 2005-2007 320i’s 150PS (148hp) that did 0-100km/h in 9.0 sec and later on, the facelifted 2011/2013 320i’s 168hp (170PS) and 8.2 sec run.

A completely unique creation, it was not an evolution of the N46B20 of the normal E90 320i. In comparison, it had different bore and stroke dimensions to aid revving (85mm x 88mm), wilder cams, bigger valves, compression ratio up to 11:1 and was Valvetronic free for instant throttle response! Oh, it also wore a kinky valve cover made of carbon, giving an overall 10 kg (22 lbs) weight reduction.

This four-banger loves to be revved hard and the power band extends up to 7,000 rpm, making a sweet sound – sporty and “beefy”. The low end torque is just adequate but, in conjunction with the ultra-low final drive ratio, it performs surprisingly well for a two liter 4-pot.

Feast your eyes on this already exclusive BMW 320si. Featuring an imposing WTCC Body Kit, 2006 BMW Motorsport Livery, Adjustable H&R Race Suspension, Brembo Big Brake Kit, K&N Air Filter, Wiechers Roll Cage, Sparco Fibreglass Seats, BMW Motorsport Wheels and Federal 595 RSR Semi-Slicks.

This beautiful, yet affordable track car, benefits from everything that is needed to have a reliable and exiting track toy. As with every car engineered by the Wheels after Work team, the DMS principal has been followed carefully.

Design – a stunning WTCC body kit with an original BMW Motorsport livery makes the car enthousiasts heart beat faster

Maintenance – using the stock engine with some minor technical improvements ensures low maintenance costs and long term reliability

Safety – a Wiechers roll cage, Sparco Fibreglass bucket seats and Brembo Big Brakes are only a few features to ensure our customers safety

This car is immaculate in every way – a simply stunning vehicle that would give years of pleasure and enjoyment or could grace any collection!


WTCC Wide Body Kit
2006 BMW Motorsport Livery
18″ BMW Motorsport type 216 Wheels
225/40-ZR18 Federal 595 RSR Semi-Slicks (front)
255/35-ZR18 Federal 595 RSR Semi-Slicks (front)
Brembo Iron Brake Discs 19 x 294 mm (rear)
Brembo Iron Brake Discs 22 x 300 mm (front)
H&R Adjustable Suspension
WTCC Custom Exhaust


Sparco Circuit II QRT Fibreglass Seat
Sparco 4 Point Harness
Sparco 353 Competition Steering Wheel
Motocorsa Quick Release for Sparco Steering Wheel
Wiechers Roll-cage
K&N Air Filter

BMW 320si WTCC

This is general model information, and some of the features and/or specifications mentioned may not be available on all vehicles. We keep the engine’s factory settings to limit maintenance costs and high life expectancy for our customers. If you require an engine upgrade, feel free to contact us.


  1. Engine Type 2.0L 1.997cc Petrol
  2. Horsepower 173hp @ 7.000 rpm
  3. Torque 200 NM @ 4.250 rpm
  4. 0-100 km/h 7.2s
  5. Driven Wheels RWD


  1. Curb Weight 1.150 kg
  2. Wheelbase 2.860 mm
  3. Height  1.361 mm


  1. Tyres Federal 595 RSR Semi-Slicks
  2. Front Rims 18 x 8 BMW Motorsport
  3. Front Tyres 225/40-18
  4. Rear Rims 18 x 8.5 BMW Motorsport
  5. Rear Tyres 255/35-18
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320si WTCC
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