WaW, a Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp!

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WaW, a Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp!

August 23, 2021 / Comments 13 / 1201 / Track Days
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Wheels after Work is proud to announce its collaboration with Curbstone Track events…

Sounds great, but what’s a Bootcamp?

Every driver knows that track experience on a certain track doesn’t translate to any other one. This year Wheels after Works chose to not only let customers leave behind their tire tracks on trusted tracks, but also to get everyone racing on Belgium’s biggest and most iconic racing track. Together with our partner Curbstone, Wheels after Work is organising the very first Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp. From petrolheads who are just starting out and wanting to discover this track, to experienced drivers who want to master every corner and improve their lap times, our bootcamp will get you ready!

What’s included?

Every programme contains at least one Apex training at Spa-Francorchamps in a unique and iconic BMW WTCC track car. These training sessions (on the 21st of september and the 5th of november) take place at nightfall and therefore offer a unique and exclusive experience guided by the elite of professional race driving. You will discover Spa-Francorchamps up close as you’ll take time to stand still at the most crucial and iconic corners of this track. This happens (how else?) “after work” so the necessary drinks and social opportunity are included as well.

Download our Spa-Francorchamps Bootcamp Brochure

Who is Curbstone?

Curbstone is one of the most well known and respected track day and event organisers in the country. They offer exclusive programmes for all drivers on the road as well as on world-renowned race circuits in Europe. They provide the ultimate track driving opportunities for experienced supercar owners, as well as testing facilities for every race car driver.

Who is Wheels after Work?

Wheels after Work offers affordable track cars without any compromises. They aim to build affordable track cars to make racing accessible to a broader group of petrol heads while having an iconic design, low maintenace costs & optimal safety.

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